Helping Churches & Organizations

Reach & Engage Young People

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consulting & training

Through my ministry with churches of all sizes I have learned what sets thriving churches apart.


I created my Churches That Thrive program so that I can share what I have learned with you and your leadership through trainings, visioning, and more.  

Together we will create a culture of excitement and gratitude for what God is doing through your distinct ministry.  

This acronym is a helpful definition of the traits of thriving congregations.

Churches that thrive are reaching and engaging young people and equipping

them and empowering them as active leaders.  


Churches That Thrive helps churches embrace and implement the core traits of a thriving church.

Other Consulting and Training Services

Visioning and Strategic Planning

Guiding organizations in determining their focus to reach young people in their contexts


Growth and Communications

Expansion and marketing strategies for appealing to Millennials and other demographics 


Inclusivity and Diversity 

Guidance for organizations in becoming more intentionally inclusive of young people, LGBTQ people, and people of color

How Much Do These Services Cost?

Ministry with local churches and organizations is my passion and I do the best I can to make my consulting, training, and speaking services affordable.  I customize my cost based on the scope of the consulting, training, or freelancing work.  


If travel is required an additional fee is added to cover travel and lodging costs that is based on the current cost of travel to and from your location from the Phoenix metropolitan area.


Although it is most beneficial for me to meet with the people I get to work with in person, everything I offer I am able to do remotely.