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Yosemite Epiphany

Yosemite Trip Friends

This past weekend I had an amazing trip with my MOC students to Yosemite National Park. We also ventured through King's Canyon, Sequoia National Park and Mammoth Mountain.

The back part of Yosemite on Highway 120 is very quiet and pristine. We stopped at a large rocky plateau for some simple hiking and time in the quiet wilderness.

As I walked along the sturdy and rocky ground I was amazed to see that large trees were growing out the huge rocks. I had never seen this before.

Trees that Grow Out of Rocky Ground

We are always told that trees and plants can only grow in soil-in fertile ground. How amazing and resilient are these trees that grow out of the rocky ground in tiny crevices where seeds can grow into roots.

This is a powerful illustration for our daily lives: that the rockiest and most challenging parts of our journey are where God is working and out of the tiny crevices and cracks grow big and beautiful things.

Your rocky path will soon be a solid foundation for your life and all you are called to do.

More on my adventures soon!!


P.S.-For more about the MOC group that traveled with me please visit

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