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Strengthening Inter-
and Intra- Personal Assets

Developing and maintaining a healthy sense of self as shaped by God, community, and life experiences.

My ministry and exploration of call has led me to study at the base of mountains and serve communities on the shore. Although I was unable to fully answer my call in the United Methodist Church due to its inability to embrace LGBTQ persons, I was able to serve and grow through many meaningful capacities that have prepared me for my life as a pastor. There have been many moments of empowerment I bring with me for my ministerial journey in the UCC. From leading the UMC General Conference Committee on LGBTQ inclusion, to advocacy on Capitol Hill and at the U.N, and serving in formative roles in wonderful congregations. I have been shaped and inspired for a life of ministry. Thanks be to God!

Andrew on Packing Boxes 1.jpeg

Moving for our next ministry adventure

IMG_0450 2.jpeg

Kindergarten school picture


My Rav4 all packed for my move to California for Seminary and new ministry


Beginning my life and ministry out west


My favorite window at Christ Church by the Sea that reminds me that Christ holds us near his heart throughout our lives

Exhibiting strong moral character and personal integrity.

I am discovering that my spiritual journey is increasingly about embodying the boundless possibilities of a life of integrity and ministry. It is a joy for me to discover daily new ways in which God is breathing life into the journeys of others simply through my commitment to living out my call.

believe that integrity is essential to all who serve in ministry. A major reason I am thankful to call the UCC my spiritual home is that it is a space that values integrity and that honors our true selves. So many denominations expect ministers to hide aspects of who we are. How are we to minister to a hurting world in need of purpose and inspiration if we ourselves do not center on integrity?  (Living in relationships of covenantal accountability with God and the Church)


A thought I found scribbled on a mirror in a restaurant:
It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice


An activity I put together at First UMC of Pasadena to help us break down the walls that divide

Respecting the dignity of all God's people.  

I honor the dignity of all God's people for in all my ministry I have sought to create space for the unheard and disregarded, from international students lacking support at universities to LGBTQ youth who need a safe refuge from bullying at school.


International students I took on a trip to Palm Springs


Creating space for students who are trans and gender non-conforming at an LGBTQ faith gathering in Washington, D.C.

It has been a joy working with Andrew at Desert Palm UCC, where he runs our youth ministry and our UCC at ASU young adult/campus outreach ministry. I can truly say Andrew's lifelong calling and exceptional gifts for ministry (adding to the impressive work history he's already managed to accrue) are all blossoming in ways we never could have imagined. Not only are his ministries flourishing, but his technical know-how, calm and peaceful demeanor and warm pastoral presence have helped Desert Palm cope with the challenges of the pandemic. I can't imagine having to do what we've done without having Andrew on staff. I see his gifts and experience God's call on his life on a daily basis and consider it an honor to be part of his unfolding story.  

Pastor Tom Martinez

Desert Palm UCC

Understanding and ministering to stages of human development across the life span.

I have ministered to persons across the life span throughout my call to ministry through serving as a Pastor, Campus Minister, Children's Minister, Youth Minister, Church Administrator, and Church Consultant. It is a tremendous and humbling honor to also work with persons and families throughout their seasons of life from baptisms to funerals and through community connections.

2015-10-04 17.45.16.jpeg

Beach Day with my former Community UMC of Huntington Beach youth group

Beach Retreat with my former UCI students

Through our church’s work with Andrew Ponder Williams, we witnessed the marks of one called to ministry. His leadership and creativity helped us envision a future for the faith formation ministries of our congregation. Andrew connects and communicates effectively with people of all ages, and his deep personal faith is expressed in all he does.

Rev. Mary Sue Brookshire
Pioneer Ocean View UCC of San Diego

Demonstrating excellent communication skills.

  • Have created the branding and marketing for seven churches

  • Built and managed (and trained others in managing) websites for nine churches and faith-based organizations, and a website and branding and marketing for one large healthcare nonprofit

  • Completed a course in non-profit marketing and fundraising at the Center for Non-Profit Management of Los Angeles

  • Completed a course in non-profit communication through the Loyola Marymount University extension program

  • Completed a course on email marketing and communications (Constant Contact) through the Small Business Administration

  • In high school had an internship at Kansas City Public Television (KCPT)

  • In college had an internship at the Hallmark Cards Corporate Headquarters focused on communication and innovation

  • Have been fortunate to work with many churches and nonprofits on effective communication

  • Am committed in my ministry to ensuring that I communicate directly, clearly, and respectfully

  • In Arizona and Vermont I was able to get ministries I was a part of featured on public radio


Celebrating the completion of the Marketing Plan I created for Providence Speech and Hearing Center in Orange County


The sign for Christ Church by the Sea I designed and managed the installation of


The welcome tables on Sunday morning at University UMC of Irvine I created to help our visitors experience an "Extravagant Welcome"


The logo I created for First United Methodist Church of Lompoc, California 

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