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Andrew's passion is to pastor in the local church where he inspires and engages all people through inclusive intergenerational ministry.


Andrew serves as a Campus Minister as a part of a partnership with the Southwest Conference of the UCC and Desert Palm UCC.  At Desert Palm he also leads the ministries for children and youth, frequently preaches, leads worship, and provides pastoral care and support for all ages. 

Andrew has been formed through meaningful ministry experiences from Capitol Hill, to the United Nations, congregations along the Pacific Coast, and churches in the Southwest. He has served United Church of Christ and United Methodist congregations in numerous roles. Andrew is the third generation in his family to pastor in the UCC.  

Andrew received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Rockhurst University, a Jesuit University in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri and a Graduate Certificate in Religion, Activism, and Social Justice from Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California.  

Andrew and his husband Ashton, who he met while traveling for ministry work, live in Scottsdale, Arizona and enjoy traveling together. Andrew is a vegetarian of 19 years and enjoys swimming and running.

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Andrew Ponder Williams

Scottsdale, Arizona

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